ANR has over 120 years of combined experience in transporting and handling art, antiquities, and valuable objects of all kinds.


Each truck has dual drivers / trained art handlers. Each trailer is air ride, climate controlled, GPS Tracking system, and alarmed. We set our climate controlled units to 68-70 degrees while in transit, and while loaded these units are set to continuous run and runs even when the truck is shut off.
This protects the artwork, antiques, and valuable objects.
ANR has over 120 years of combined experience in transporting and handling fine art, antiquities, and valuable objects of all kinds.
ANR is a Fine Art Transportation Company. ​This means ANR has a Fine Art Cargo Policy. ANR Transport follows museum methodologies.
​We provide National and International services for all your transit needs. We have dedicated shuttles that run Coast to Coast and everything in-between. ANR does not publicize our shuttles as a security measure. Please contact us for the available shuttle in your area. ANR’s level of transportation includes: Shuttles, Expedited, Last-On-First-Off {LOFO} or Exclusive use. We have direct pickups and deliveries with no cross docking; in many areas ANR has next day service.
Packing is available on our shuttles. However; due to the time sensitivity of each shuttle, packing is limited. We have a specialized team of experienced art handlers that come ahead to pack and prep for the shuttle’s arrival.
Transportation for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Maine and North Dakota may require a slightly longer timeframe of collection and delivery during the winter months as weather conditions must be taken into consideration.